Tony G versus Steve Dannenmann

Were about 80% through the tournament now. We’re getting close to the money, we can smell it. I got into a pot with Steve Dannenmann. Steve finished 2nd in the WSOP Main Event last year, and picked up 5,000,000 dollars. It was nice to knock him out, and get another notch on my belt. Steve raised from early position with KQ offsuit, and I picked up A Q of hearts. Steve had made a mistake the hand before when he went all in with A Q, on a flop of J 4 3, was called by Johan Storakers and had been crippled. He was down to about 60,000. He raised to 12,000, I came back over the top for 35,000 thinking he might be weak and desperate. He comes over the top, all in. Its only 25,000 to me, so I call. He shows me K Q, and I am a bit surprised. My A Q held up, and I took Steve out.

I have a wonderful table to work on. At least three amateur players. The guy who has the chip lead at the table is going all in on all kinds of flops. Chip Jett has built back up a stack, as has Johan Storakers, who is a good player. There are many opportunities now. I’ve got a great chance to build a big stack. I am going to take some risks, because the value is there. I want to see some flops against the amateurs. I made one mistake against the chip leader guy. I could have just called the flop, but I raised, and he came over the top with top pair, and middle kicker. He’s showing the cards all the time. Its good. He’s having fun. I like having him on the table. He’s got about 600,000 there for me, and I’m hoping to grab it.

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