Tony G vs. Mike ‘The Mouth’ Matusow

This is well after the dinner break, and I have an average stack, with 100 players left. I just got moved to Mike Matusow’s table. On my first hand at the table, I had AK in my Big Blind. The small blind raised, and I moved all in. He called with K J, and we both hit our hands, but my Ace held up, and I was up to 30,000.

The very next hand (and I like to always continue) I got raised from a guy in middle position, I re-riased with A 6, and he had KQ. T he flop came with a King, and I moved in, but the guy made a good call, and I was back down to 13,000. Its been up and down from there – I just picked up another pot, and its been a decent day. I made a last longer with Mike, and Gavin Smith right away, which I won the Gavin bet.. It’s a great table, and its exciting – I’m sure I will do well.

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