Tony G’s Ace!

How many times have all poker players felt the need to get in shape? Stand in front of the mirror and take a look. If you think the front view is…umnnn…OK, just take a look from the side view, and if that’s scary, spare yourself the butt shot. Too many buffets, too many hours at the table, too much self indulgence and one day when you take that critical look in the mirror and realize your pants size has gone up X3 and you don’t feel as well as you should, you know it’s time to get up and move it.

Tony G’s Ace is that he’s working on improving his life. He’s also opened new doors to you for natural supplements and informative reading through Invest in your physical health and improve your mental health and life by 1000%.

Don’t look for Tony G in any major tournaments for a bit because he’s in Australia. You will find him on Tony G. Poker and he’s offered the challenge of your knocking him out as a bounty.

Enjoy the video blog.

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