Tony shares his pick on Top Tips

CAPTION: Top Tip Number 1 – READS

Tony says, “…the top tip on reads is when people talk a lot they usually have a better hand and they feel more confident. People that are usually quiet and they are more talkative, it’s a sign that there’s some problems…”

CAPTION: Top Tip Number 2 – Don’t Tilt!!

Tony says the key is that you have to play much tighter than usual…the key is not to be busted out…so when you are really upset and angry, just fold…

CAPTION: Top Tip Number 3 – Money Management

Tony says, “…money management and bankroll management is the key to a successful person in life, poker, anything. Poker is a business…”

CAPTION: Top Tip Number 4 – Online vs. Live Poker

Tony says he uses online poker to be fit for live poker, because he gets a lot of practice and gets to see a lot of hands and see how things happen. Tony gives more insight into the differences between playing online and live.

CAPTION: Top Tip Number 5 – How to charm a lady?

Tony says the main thing is the heart and the commitment – that will charm any woman.

CAPTION: Top Tip Number 6 – check back soon icon_smile-7017844

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