Tony takes a break

Tony G. and Gloria Balding are standing outside freezing as they start Tony’s video blog. Tony says he’s sleeping about four hours a day – poker playing, hosting the event, skiing, working, and he’s staying very busy.

Tony chopped the PLO with Markus and he’s very happy about that. He says if he can do well, anyone can and it spurs a conversation about Tony’s poker ability. Modesty reigns.

Tony’s table for the main event has a very tough line-up so he’s walking around, and just sitting out after winning the 1st hand. He says the table will be one of the first to break, he’ll take a two hour break, and he’s just going sit it out, do some work, and he mentions that he managed to lose his telephone yesterday – he turns and gestures to the mountain behind them.

Tony got a return for the ChipMeUp players yesterday and says he would like to do well especially for the players that have bought shares. He says he’s got ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and he’ll be playing about 50% of the time today, but if he gets through the day, he’ll be top value and very stimulated for tomorrow.

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