Tony’s got his guns out today

Tony won his 5K shoot out table yesterday. Tony said the experience was “Unbelievable. Scary!”

He says it was a good win, a big win, and he’s in the money, “Straight away!”

Today is a big day, he hopes to make the final table. Tony says the final table will be six handed, it’s easy to win six handed and it will be six players for a bracelet. *nice*

Tony doesn’t know who will be at his table yet. He says he’s had a quick look over but didn’t see who’s there..he says John Juanda is in and it will be fun if he makes it…and if Tony makes it, but it’s a long way to go.

Michelle asks Tony why he felt yesterday was scary. Tony responds that he feels everything went really well, that he was in good form and he felt he would win. He says that when it got heads-up, he only had 30K to 70K but he felt he would win. He says the structure is go good, it’s so deep and there’s plenty of time. The experience has a lot of value.

Tony said the last hand he had 9-10 against 7-8, the flop brought a 9 and the other player had a straight draw. The River was an Ace and he moved all-in on a busted straight draw and Tony made a quick call. Tony felt that’s what the other player had, a busted straight draw.

Tony said it a good way to start the series and today’s a big day and if it happens to go astray, he’s going to jump into the 7 Card Stud. It’s a 10K event, a big event – and Tony only plays the big ones!


Tiffany Michelle of PokerNews.Com and Tony G. ready for the next update!

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