Tony’s in Australia – playing an Aussie Millions Event

Amanda with Tony G. for a video blog.

Tony talks about the Omaha $3K buy in, with rebuys for two levels. He took the automatic rebuy from the start and he’s in for the minimum for 9K. He says in these events, you can be more aggressive, but you need a good table and if the table’s aggressive and everyone’s gambling, you can play a lot of hands and someone can have a lot of chips, but his table is pretty conservative. He points out Tony Bloom in the last hand and mentions Max Pescatori and how tight Max is.

Amanda queries Tony on what he’s been doing before the tournament started

Tony says he’s been walking around the beach, relaxing, and getting ready for Russia for the big games over there. He’s pretty excited about Russia and feels it’s better than Las Vegas. He’s only playing high cash games there. He got a call from his friend in Russia today, and his friend is waiting for Tony to return to play poker. Tony’s friend says he’s got a guy that wants to play for 5M lined up. And Tony’s ready. Tony says the high stakes can be a little nerve wracking but once you get into the game and win a bit of money and get something behind you, it’s not a problem anymore. Tony says it’s a matter of just finding people who want to play. Tony says it’s exciting that he’s still welcome there and he can go and “try and grab a bit more cash!”

Tony’s New Year was spent with friends and watching a fireworks show – the temperature was 150 degrees Fahrenheit or 45 degrees Celsius.

Tony’s friend, Hiroshi, from Japan arrives and Tony brings him into the blog with an introduction – they talk about getting some heads up action going.

Tony is chided by Amanda about his bad guy image and how he’s toned it down. Tony responds that he needs to be in a big event on TV and that he’s playing the Full Tilt Poker big cash game and he might do something crazy on it. Howard Lederer will be there. Tony said it’s going to be exciting anyway and that might be his next big opportunity [to be a bad guy].

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