I played in the $3000 no limit last night. I had a really good tournament, and played great. I wish I could play like this all the time. There were 389 players with a prize pool close to 1.1 million. First place was paying $334,000 and I had my eyes on that amount…it looked jucy.

Started with 3000 in chips and picked up AA. A guy gave me action with AQ and I got a soft double up. Later I played AA again against AQ this time I got crippled as a Q on flop and another on the turn. Somebody mentioned they had folded a Q…that was a rough one.

I was down to 3000 again and picked up AK and went all in as there was about 1200 in the pot. QQ called me, and I got lucky hitting an A on the river. Then I went to higher gear and opened up and had 22,500 before picking up JJ and raising 5,500. A player that just lost a big pot went all in I had no choice, and called he showed me AQ and that was the last hand I saw. I busted right before the bubble, and finished 37th. 36th was $4500, but that didn’t matter. I enjoyed this tournament. I would not recommend anyone stay in Tunica, that place is a hole. The poker room feels like a hospital; everybody is sick there with the flu. It seems its the same there every year, something is wrong with that place. The food is bad, and on and on. I must say, the people are great though.

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