Updating from San Remo

Since the Premier League I have taken a break from writing my blog.

I am back today, writing from San Remo Italy where the EPT is going to be played. It’s a 5k buy-in EURO event and it was quickly sold out. 500 tickets were sold, and then they made it a little bigger to 600, and now 660. It’s amazing how good the EPT is. Imagine IF the same people that run the EPT ran the WPT. The way it is the EPT is many times bigger and better than any other tour in the world. The forces behind the EPT are people we can learn from. I said to Perry once, “You’re not somebody to learn from.” LOL

I hope to play well and last longer than 1 day. I feel I am in good form and if I can get a few fat fish around my table, I will devour them all.

The weather here is OK. I am hoping for better though so that I can hit the beach and maybe do some fishing. Otherwise I mainly plan to spend time drinking wine and eating at good restaurants. I drove down here from Vienna where I have been for a few days. There is a new poker club that opened in Vienna called Card Casino Movie. It’s a nice place and I have been playing there. It seems much nicer than the big place they had in Vienna years ago.

I plan to get a flight from here to Moscow and jump back in the big game. The news from Russia is that I had one day where I won 1.8m, but not really as I have not been playing big there. I’m just relaxing and playing below 500-1000, usually 100-200 or so PLO most days and that action is not much fun to write about since there is heaps of it online – even for the ones that have the heart and commitment to the game.

I been staking many players on T6 and even had a guy from Australia that won it www.pokernetwork.com but it’s good value for everyone. I hope somebody from overcards.de site wins the T6 main event. The guy from pokernetwork that won it got a contract for T6 worth 75k for 2008. If somebody wins from overcards,I am sure I will get him a deal to go and play poker full time.

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