Videos of me Playing Online Poker

I am used to playing poker on TV. I’ve probably done close to 100 shows now, and I am very used to being in front of the camera. But, recently we have been filming my play in many online events, and recording the results for the new ‘PokerNews Strategy’ section. It’s one thing to sit under the lights on a TV stage, but quite another to be filmed in front of your computer. I recently played some of the big WCOOP events, and filmed those. My 6th place finish in the FTOPS main event was also filmed the whole way through, and will be part of the videos available to PokerNews Strategy subscribers. Patrik Antonious is one of the main instructors in the PokerNews Strategy site, and I have seen some of his videos, and they are amazing.

I have not been much on live poker lately, as I have been enjoying spending time in Melbourne, as well as Russia. I would not normally miss something like WSOP Europe, but the WSOP in Las Vegas burned me out a little this year, as I was playing in many of the events. When poker becomes a grind you have to step away before you lose your passion for the game. If you’re not feeling inspired every time you sit down, you should consider what you are doing.

But, you can’t keep Tony G away for long, and I am looking forward to my return to Europe to play in some televised events. I will travel to London to play in the Party Poker Premier league on 20 November, as well as the Ladbrokes Million in December. I am in the semi-finals in the Ladbrokes show, which will film in December. First prize is $1 Million in that one, so you better believe I’m licking my chops.

I’ll be playing a fair bit before that, though. Of course I will be in Melbourne, keeping the higher action lively at the PokerNews Cup at the Crown 12-20 October. I’ll get plenty of poker in during those days, so come find me at the Crown and try to take my money.

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