What a final table!

This was the best final table in the history of televised poker. LOL. You probably think I would say that since I was there but Patrik Antonius, Annette Obrestad, and Gus Hansen joined me for the finale and this is the first ever TV poker series that has lasted over 10 years.

My game was below par value and I never got going. I hate myself when I can’t start to climb up but today was just one of those days. Patrik bluffed me in a critical pot and it was hard to recover after that. He fired three bullets and kudos to him, he is a great champion. Gus was pretty much his normal self. He lost 80% of his chips early and then won every pot he played. Annette was Annette with great play and focus. What a player! She is just 21 and has an amazing future. She is the best female player in the world by a very long margin, at least based on her results so far in her young life.

My last hand was A-6 vs. Gus’s A-Q. He raised and I pushed from the small blind with 6 big blinds left. Before the flop he said, “Oh well, you got the 6.” The 6 did not come. It was bike time with no 6 popping out and I wasn’t happy to go as I wanted to play a little longer. But you can’t stop the bike, when it’s time to go you have to jump on and ride.

Bye Bye Wales! I am happy to be back in London and focus on the future. Play with me on TonyG Poker this Sunday at 8PM UK time; it’s time for the famous Sunday Bike Ride, held every week, and it’s on with a bounty. It’s a freeroll as long as you have played a few hands on TonyG.

I’m off to Prague to play the Unibet Tour Event and really look forward to it. It’s small and fun so let’s hope for a win there. See you at the Bike Ride!

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