World Challenge Cup – Fox Sports – We won.

USA versus rest of the world. Team ‘Rest of the World’ have won. I have captained the team to victory. Its an amazing feeling to beat a US team that included Phil Ivey, and Jesus Ferguson, just to name a couple players. The World Team had Daniel Negreanu, playing for Canada, and Toto Leonidas of the Philippines getting the most points for the World squad, and coming 2nd. The final hand was Toto with two Kings, against Paul with Queen eight. Unfortunately, we lost when a Queen spiked on the river. Paul Durand was the Champion.

The World Team we dominated – we won 40-30. Its going to be a great tournament, its going to be on FOX Sports. The European players, just a little too much talent. And Australians were well represented with Emab getting five points for five US knockouts.

For myself, I picked up Aces on the first hand, and picked up a couple thousand. Later Amir Vahedi took me out, playing for Iran. Amir got a lot of points for the World Team. It was an interesting team with 2 Japanese players, one Chinese players, Four Australian players, probably ten players from the UK.

It was a great feeling to pick up this win.

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