World Cup Australia vs Canada

I really enjoyed the concept where teams get to play other teams and great poker players get to mix with soccer stars.

Today team Australia played vs Canada that included Evelyn Ng & Daniel Negreanu

We dominated from the kick off with the first victim being the Canadian soccer star, soon Evelyn followed and we were left with all three versus there one and Daniel did not have many chips. It was hard going for Canada against a team that was playing as a unit and really wanted to win. We are the first team ever to go through and win with all out players in tact until the end. The aim is to have your team member winning it and the whole team goes through so you dont want to knock your own out, once they are all knocked its over.

The final hand for team Canada was when Daniel picked up A-6 off and raised I called in the blind with K-3 spades. Flop was an Ace and two spades I went all inn and was called two more spades followed and Australia is through. Tomorrow we play Team USA that includes Mike Sexton and Kena James, this will be a great challenge.

Our soccer star Mark Bosnich is very good and probably rated as the best poker-soccer player in this competition. Damon Rasheed is our other member who is a very smart guy that has had many years experience playing online poker. The team is together and we feel strong going forward.

Denmark are also going strong with Gus Hansen leading the charge for them many bis stars are here in this is a massive event for Poker in the UK and the whole world. Its a great feeling to be the one to knock out the best poker player in the world and I got the chance today and was lucky, poker is great when things go your way.

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