World Soccer Cup

On the 3rd of April, I’ll be in London, I’ll be playing for Team Australia with a famous Australian Soccer star Mark Bosnich. I’ll lead the team against Team Canada, captained by Daniel Negreanu. Six players in total – 3 Aussies, 3 Canadians. The winner goes through to the Semi-finals, and then the finals. So, my plan is to be in London, and enjoy my time, and win the tournament. In Europe, we’re having the World Cup of Soccer, which is a massive event all over the world. In Australia, we obviously play Australian rules football, which is like soccer, but we use an NFL ball, which makes it a bit more fun, and there are no rules. Soccer is the milder version. In the 1930’s, women’s soccer was actually the more popular versions. There was once a game where 100,000 people came to a women’s match. I just heard that….pretty amazing.

So, we have Mark Bosnich playing for us. We were talking to Harry Kuehl, who is a massive player, but he dropped out, and Mark is in. Mark is a huge star as well.

After London, I will be in America for a month. I am coming straight to Bellagio from London, and playing in the $25k WPT Championship, then the first IPA Tour event, then the Mirage WPT, then the Caesars WSOP event. See you all there. Thanks for the kind comments, by the way…Your support means a lot.

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