WPT 5 Diamond/Bad Boys Shoot

I’m in town, I’m in Las Vegas…Staying at The Bellagio. I’m going to play in the WPT $15,000 event, and maybe a couple other events…I’ll play the $5,000. Its Bad News, but the WPT Bad Boys has been postponed. That is very disappointing.

I think the WPT will keep getting stronger, and stronger. The $15,000 event is going to be huge here. I heard about 500 runners are expected. With many online poker sites participating to bring players in.

I believe poker should become more of a mainstream, fun, hobby game. To make it in this professionally, its not so easy. It’s a different kind of sport. You’re still gambling. There are a lot of losers, and a lot of people suffer. Its not like basketball, or the NFL where everybody gets paid to play. There have to be a lot of losers here so that the few winners can do well. So, it’s a totally different game, and people should understand that, and they should not worry too much about the value of their image so they block events like this.

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