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I have moved on to playing on Ultimate Bet for the last few days, the games I play there are 2-7 triple draw $300-$600 limit & Omaha pot limit $50-$100 blinds. This big Omaha game on UB is a recent introduction and the action is hot and wild. In the first couple of sessions playing the 2-7 I was down 19k in no time. Later on I moved to the Omaha pot limit game and got a very well known Finnish player Ilary (nick: captain Rehab) to play me heads up and he was on firm tilt right away. This guy is a great player on the prima network and he plays the $200-$400 no limit games there and is considered one of the best in the world at this limit. The problem for him is that this game has dried up of late so he has moved to UB. Anyhow I cleaned him up for 37k and was back in front on UB. Later I played Omaha (ring games) pot limit and did well at that game so I am up about 40k on UB now for the last 2 days. Just trying these sites out to see how the action is these days. The adrenaline of high limit of online poker play is great and to play at the very high limits is very tough as the swings are huge. I will post some of the latest partypoker hand histories for anyone that wants to have a look. The private tables at partypoker a really good value most of the time. The guys that come and play me heads up just want to give there money away most of the time. I might decide to play more online as I am enjoying the challenge. I might even start up a site soon where people that read this blog can come and play with me.

Anyone is welcome to ask me questions about strategy especially if you are looking to play short handed texas holdem.

To download my hand history right click on the following links and select “Save as…”:

  • Log #1
  • Log #2
  • Log #3
  • Log #4
  • Log #5
  • Log #6
  • Log #7
  • Log #8
  • Log #9

You should be able to upload these hands into Poker Tracker and anlayse the play.

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