WSOP $1,000 rebuy update. I’m out.

I’m out. Nothing I could do. I got down to 62,000. On the button I picked up Q 2 on the button, didn’t like the hand. But, I had to put 56,000 in the middle to try to pick up 36,000 in the middle – so good situation – but a bad hand. You gotta go for it in that situation, so I moved in. Small blind had A 10, and had a long think about it. He was a small stack too, and called all his chips off. The board came 4 5 6 7, and I needed some help on the river, but nothing came up, and I was out in 9th.

So, I have taken a bunch of steps by making the money a number of times, now I have made a final table – now I have to win a bracelet. I don’t know how many years it will take, but it’s gonna happen. I don’t have to rush. I enjoy the tournament, I feel pretty good, and I played pretty well. A lot of players would wait there, but with the players to my left being so tight, I said it before – I was going to go for it. Unfortunately, they picked up a decent hand to call me with, and I was out.

So now, I move over to the Duece to Seven Rebuy event. I am starting about 30 minutes late. I hope it doesn’t cost me the $50,000 I just made in the last tournament. I will update again soon.

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