WSOP $1,000 with rebuys – I’m Out.

I’m out. I finished 23rd. I played really aggressive after the break. I had most of the table really in fear. After the break, I had about 72,000 chips. Miami John raised from early position, and I found A 5, and chose to go all in. I had gotten 40,000 chips in the prior two hours just re-raising, and really going for it. That was what my instinct was telling me to do. Miami John had two queens, and called me. I flopped three hearts, so I had a heart draw with my Ace, but I missed. So, I busted out, but I really felt it was the right time to really go for it, and people were letting me dominate. I beat 875 players, and I feel really good about it. Unfortunately, the last hand didn’t work out.

So, I am taking Monday off, and relaxing, as I want to get ready for the HORSE event.

So far, I have had a good world series, and I have had $15,000 in cashes thus far. I’m not really losing money, but I am not in it for the money. I’m here to play good poker, and do well. Sometimes you just have to go for it. I had the heart to go for it, and it just didn’t pay of this time. When you get very aggressive, you can also get burned, and I am prepared for that. I had decent odds to make the move, and I don’t regret it.

I’m busted, and I need a day off. I’ll be back Tuesday. See you soon.

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