WSOP $5,000 No Limit Event

We’re playing the $5,000 No Limit today, and 620 players showed up. What a table I have. Phil Hellmuth is on my left, and David Benyamine is on my table as well. David is the biggest winner at the cash games thus far during the WSOP. David is a brilliant player who I used to play cash games with in France. I used to play with him in the 400/800, and obviously he has moved up and is one of the bigger players in the world today. He is ripping up the ‘big game’ to the tune of $20 million up for the week. This is the biggest swing I have ever heard of in the $4,000/8,000 game.

I’ve got a nice table. There are a few weaker players there, but definitely a few good ones as well. Sam Grizzle is on the table also, but he is a short stack. It’s going to be fun playing with Hellmuth. We’re kind of buddies, but at the table we fight – its all about taking the chips.

After the first round, I have about the same as my starting stack. I really haven’t has any opportunities. I played two queens, I flat called before the flop, and on a flop of 2 4 7, I laid the queens down, and the guy shows me deuce seven for 2 pair. I must be playing pretty well to lay down two queens on that board. I only lost 175 on the hand.

Playing pretty careful right now, we’ll see what happens. I’ll update again later.

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