WSOP – Event # 2

It’s total chaos here today. There are about 2,800 players to play in this event. Despite registering over two days ago, I was forced to be an alternate as they couldn’t find my registration, and I started the tournament over an hour late.

I couldn’t do much. I picked up 99, but caught a bad flop, and had to fold. Then, I got a couple pots, and built it back up to about 1,000 chips. I picked up A 5 on the button, and the blinds were 50/100.

Not much you can do there, with 10 big bets. If I raise 400, I can’t really lay the hand down, considering my stack. So, I decided to go all in, One of the blinds found AK, and called. The flop was A, 5, 6, and it looked like I was in business, but the King came, and the party was over.

So, I’m through the first event, and I will play again tomorrow. I actually have a seat already in tomorrow’s event, so I’m hoping it will go better. David Williams was at my table, as was Jeff Shulman, who was playing well, but caught some bad breaks, and is pretty short.

With the stacks and the blinds today, you really needed some luck early to get some chips. Things are moving really quickly. I nearly had it today, but it didn’t work out – so there is always tomorrow.

Good luck everyone. Play well if you are playing online, and play well at the WSOP. See you tomorrow.

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