WSOP Event # 5 – $2,500 No Limit Shorthanded

I’m in good form today. It started today on a good note, quickly up in chips. We’re up to level 4, and I’m in the top 5 in chips. Daniel Negreanu is the chip leader with about 25,000, but I’m pretty close on his heels, I have about 17,000.

I had great tables today. In fact, we started with 6 at the table, and at one point I looked up, and realized I had knocked the other five original players out. I was at a new table, and realized I had knocked everyone else at the original table out. So, that was a good feeling, and gave me confidence.

I had some key hands. On one, I made a big call. I had K 10, and the flop was J 10 6. I don’t know what my opponent has. He checks the flop, I bet 1,000, and he calls. The turn comes a 3. he checks, I bet 1,000, and he calls. The river comes a 5, so the board reads J 10 6 3 5. He checks, I bet 1,000, and he moves all in for about another 10,000. I called in about 3 seconds, it was a dangerous call, but I was right, the guy was on a total bluff. He was so upset I called, he spilled his drink all over the table, and it caused a big delay.

That what it takes at the WSOP – you have to make big calls. That was the key hand that propelled me up to the big stack. I’ve been up to 20,000. I have been playing a lot of hands, and I will update later on how I do.

So far, so good.

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