WSOP Here I come

It’s day one for me today, and I am playing in the first flight, and a lot of the professionals have decided not to play today, which is encouraging for me. I hope I have a good table, and have some fun. It’s very important to get through today. I didn’t sleeps so well – I don’t know what it is, but I guess it’s so exciting to be here and playing in the main event. I think I will be making a very steady start, not being too aggressive. In the right situation, I need to watch and see who is going to be gunning for me and looking for really weak players who I can push around, and get involved with in pots. It’s so important to double up, last year I was able to double up pretty early with my Aces. Unfortunately after that I couldn’t pick up a hand. It goes pretty quickly even if you double up, you can be out very quick in the WSOP, it doesn’t give you much protection.

I am actually not thinking anymore about doubling up I am just thinking about playing well, picking up small pots all day is better than doubling up once and losing the big pot, it works out pretty much the same. I just want to play my game, today, just pick up small pots, pick up big pots if they’re available and see what happens. I gotta get through the day, if I can get through with 25,000 I will be very happy. Let’s see if I can do it. I’ll update everyone pretty regularly during and I will give you the atmosphere from the WSOP and the table that I am on. So, anyone who hasn’t made it here yet, you will get a good sense and feel of it all from me. I’ll do my best to update very very often.

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