WSOP Nightmare Continues

Today, I kinda struggled early. After four hours of play, I was down to 1,000 chips, we started with 2,500. 1,269 players entered today, yet another massive field.

Somehow I made it to the dinner break, and had some Japanese food, which was not great. Nothing compares to the Bellagio for me. I’m staying at the Rio, I have one of those nice suites on the 20th floor, but I am used to Bellagio, which is where I like to stay.

After the dinner break, I really get on a roll. Without being called all in, I build up to 3,000, and have doubled up just with blinds. I keep doing that for the next three levels, and all of a sudden I am up to 23,000, and was back up to average.

After hitting 23,000 things didn’t go that well for me. I’d raise with a bad hand (6 3 offsuit), and someone would find A J in the big blind with only 3,000 more, and they put it up. Even it looks bad, but I know I am getting the right odds to call, and I lose that pot.

Eventually, I have A 10 on the button, and I run into 4 9, the flop was J Q 4, so I have a straight draw, and over cards, but I cannot connect, and the 4 9 holds up. If I win that hand, I’m back up to 20,000. I was eliminated 102nd, and they paid 99. I don’t know why they paid so few, given the field size.

This is three tournaments in a row where I played past midnight, and just missed the money. I feel like I have been playing pretty good, and pretty patient. If I make the money, I come back and play this tournament tomorrow. Now, I have to come back and play the $1,000 No Limit with Rebuys.

I wanted to continue in this tournament, but the opportunities are so big near the bubble, and I’m always trying to win. See you tomorrow. Don’t forget to tune in today, Saturday to CBS at 5pm EST to watch me go a little nuts. I hope it comes out ok on TV.

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