WSOP Update

Monday, I took the day off, as I needed a break after playing 5 days of 12 hours a day. I didn’t play in the $1,000 No Limit Hold Em event that attracted nearly 3,000 players, the biggest single field in tournament poker history.

Today, I decided to play the 2,000 Pot Limit Hold Em event, and within the first hour I doubled up. Then I got a bit unlucky, as I lost a 5 outer, and had my chip stack damaged.

I had a good table, with Juha Helppi. Juha is a great player, who has made several WPT final tables, including a win at WPT Aruba. Juha is a good friend of mine, and in fact one of the few people I will swap 5% with. Later on, Noah Boeken came to my table. Noah has won a EPT event, and is also a good friend.

I lasted two hours, until I busted. On my last hand, I had K Q on a flop of J 10 x against a player holding A 10. So, I had an up & down straight draw, and a couple over cards, so I was about 50/50 to make my hand, but I missed, and I was out. At least I didn’t get tired, and play too long.

I’m playing a little online on a site I found, Naked Poker. Just playing for a bit of fun.

Tomorrow, I am playing the $50,000 buy in HORSE event. I played a satellite last night, to get a little but of practice, as I haven’t been able to play that game much lately. They anticipate 200 or more entrants to that, so the prize pool will be huge, and first could be 3 or 4 Million. There will be some real top players there. I think I’ll perform well, and I am looking forward to it.

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