I’m in London for day one of the European World Series of Poker. I had a pretty bad start. I’m a little bit tired, had a few too many drinks last night and just didn’t have any luck but it’s a lot of fun. The bells are ringing in Leicester Square and I’m talking with Tiffany Michelle.

I played with Phil Hellmuth and Jennifer Harman and it was a very interesting table. The competition was very tough and all you can do in HORSE is hope to have a bit of luck. Jeff Madsen was at my table and I don’t think it’s his greatest game but he’s a great player. He was betting me blind in RAZZ. One hand was critical that I lost to him. The whole table was great and I really enjoyed it. I’m not looking to play with weak players, I’d rather play with very good players and that’s the sort of table it was and it was great.

The atmosphere here in London is amazing. I think it’s fantastic. All the great players are here and I’m really enjoying it. It’s definitely bigger than the World Series events three or four years ago.

I’m not playing any WPT events.

I will play the two remaining events and then there will be some cash games and then I’ll be on my bike, pedaling up to Russia to play the big cash games there. I’ll have a new bike when I go to Bellagio. And I’ve got San Tropes on stand bye as well so I could go there any time. And then we’ve got Oktoberfest on the 20th. That’ll be a lot of fun and we’ll have a big party going on.

I’ve had a bit of fun, I’ve done a bit of damage today but hopefully I can get off the streets and win something.

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