YouTube does Tony G.

I have a great time when I play poker. And I’m known as a ‘trash talker’ by many, that is part of my game. I use my mouth as well as my poker skills to win when I’m in a competition. I’m really a soft spoken, warm hearted individual and never hold any malice or spite for anyone. Even though I’m happy to bust you out of a tournament, I’m genuinely sorry that you went broke and had to leave. Perhaps that doesn’t make sense to you but that’s how I feel about the play of the game. Because once you are out, you have to leave and wait for the next tournament. I hate waiting for the next tournament and I believe that you do too.

For those of you that play against me, and know me, you are completely prepared to play against me, and my mouth, when we end up at the same table. For those that have never faced off against me before, I hope you find the following links to be entertaining, because that’s how I view them. I laugh at myself when I watch them. Enjoy!

Tony G. trash talk 1

Tony G. trash talk 2

Tony G. trash talk 3

Mangalor vs. Ralph Perry


And there will be more. I’m always going to be there, in the circle that is filmed and photographed and splashed in front of the world that wants to be where I am.

*continued on YouTube does Tony G. II*

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