A break in the action

Right now I am taking long walks around Big Sur California. I was also in the Yosemite Mountains for a few days. I will go down to Santa Barbara soon and enjoy being out of the heat and action although I will be back in Las Vegas around the 19th so I will be ready for the WSOP PLO on the 20th.

The WSOP is so long, and right around the corner is the WSOP Europe, that’s one of the main reasons I am taking a big break in the middle. I want to come back completely fresh and focused for the 10K PLO championship event and for the 50K HORSE event. And the main event is the most important event for me this year. I want to do really well so I will do the best I can at staying focused and fresh.

I think you have to do other things than just settle in to play every day. I see many big name players that play every day and I wonder what they are satisfying in their lives if they only focus on the games. Being able to walk away from the game, clear your mind with health and fitness, is a good feeling and also makes you hungry to play and that is a critical part to winning. Right now I am at the point where I want to be back and playing and that is a good feeling.

Let’s hope for a big result in at least one of the three events I know I will play. I will play the Ante Up For Africa event but that is a show and fun event.

For now it’s back to traveling.

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