I’m the Russian Billboard Ad

I came to Moscow to check out the games. A few years ago the games were so good I thought Russia was opening up and poker would be bigger there than anywhere else in the world. Now it’s like the world turned upside down in Russia and gambling is just not going to happen, not now anyway. All the clubs are shut down, it’s so sad, just imagine all the casinos shutting down on the Las Vegas Strip one day. All the super degens would go into withdrawal. Since there is no poker for me in Moscow, I’m on my way to Paris in a few hours.

I’m very popular in Russia, my face is on a billboard ad everywhere I turn. The media is making comments about me too. Can you believe it? I’m not playing poker or taking Zasko or TJ around a poker table to take a bite out of any poker players or threatening anyone with a bike ride, I’m just minding my own business and out of nowhere, I’m a poster ad. Here’s a picture of the billboard.


Tony G Billboard Ad

For my friends that can’t read Russian, the poster says to pay your council bills for heating. I pay so much in Lithuania I can’t afford to pay my bill in Russia. LMAO

You can find the story here. And do read the WHOLE page. Then you will know how I became so famous.

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