Memphis with Phil Hellmuth

I got off my flight from Newark to Memphis, and as I go to pick up my bags I run itno the man himself, Phil Hellmuth. We had several clashes in the December $15,300 WPT event at Bellagio. Obviously, off the poker table am a different person,as is he. We started talking with about life, and he said that he might be worth a billion dollars soon. I’ve never known anyone that has that much belief in himself. He may just get there, as I know that a bio film company are keen to do business with him. Also, he says he is doing great with his mobile phone game and said that he may get one million subscribers to it.

We talked a lot about him, which is ok with me. I found a lot of things I wanted to know about him. He has a good heart, and that was good to know. We got a room next to each other at the Peabody hotel in Memphis,TN. This hotel is famous for its ducks, but also it used to host the highest stakes poker games in the US in the 1860’s and 1870’s. Its a 45 minute drive to Tunica where the poker action is, but if you want to have any life style this is the place to stay. We rented a car together and Phil said he didn’t want insurance since he has a spare million. I wish I did too.

Later that night we went out to the BB King’s Blues Club, and that was fun. Phil said he does not like to drink as he can not sleep well if he drinks. He also said that he would pay $20,000 for a good nights sleep before a major event.

It was really nice to spend time with Phil. I also found out his absolute dedication to his family and wife. The reason he missed the $10,000 wsop event at Atlantic City was that his wife turned 40 that day. He says he plays about 12 tournaments a year now that the money is in the bank baby.

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