All Gay’d Out and Laughing

Sometimes in life you get dealt a bad hand, but you play it anyway, and then you get an opportunity to change the hand. You have to have heart and commitment and the street confidence to just ask someone for that missing Ace. Ask Vifer, he’s a very willing candidate. Please, Vifer, just give me that Ace. I had the heart and commitment and the confidence and I deserve my Broadway.

I’ve been taking a look at this thread on 2+2. It’s gay! Oh wait, that’s me, I’m gay according to some of the posters. My response is: WHO THE FUCK CARES if you think I’m gay? I don’t care! Maybe you should tell your buddy sitting there huddling next to you when you fire up the threads on 2+2, maybe he cares.

I do care about Elizabeth and anyone picking on her is beyond the level of low life and your diatribe against her makes you my enemy. I don’t want people to attack Elizabeth. She is special and I took her and her sister Vic to the best club in Vegas and got the best table the “G” could get. We had a great time and it’s probably beyond the understanding of some of you low lifes but perhaps one day you will figure it out when you get a real life. Elizabeth made it in life and for her to be attacked is just beyond low and her willingness to continue posting on the 2+2 forum and answer your questions speaks very well of her character and intentions.

One day I will visit her and I will visit her nephew, or better yet, I might get them to fly in and visit me when I’m in Vegas mowing down the bloody Hellmuth again or that silly Vifer who I destroy and own. In fact, I own them all, so attack me and not my friend Elizabeth.

I love the 2+2 community! No, really. I love for people to have a crack at me as I’m just a donk off the streets that got lucky and I’m no one to look up too, but I will come after all the low lifes that attack my friend.

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