2012 London Olympics Get to Meet Me and My TEAM! – UPDATE

When I first arrived in the Olympic Village in London, I was so tired I couldn’t put 2+2 together and get a Forum so it was time to sleep. I marched in the opening ceremony with Lithuania as the Lithuanian Olympic attaché and also the basketball team manager for Lithuania. I can’t describe that, being there, feeling it, living it, it was a dream and it came true.

I was excited (I still am over my team and everything they put into being a champion – they have heart, heart, heart, heart) and I planned to do this one time in my life, yes, take the Lithuanian Basketball team to the Olympics, and then to move on and look for new challenges.

Tony G Qualifying His Team

Playing the World Poker Tour Cyprus wasn’t even a question when I found out my team was going to the Olympics but I will play Paris, make your travel plans now and meet me there!

I stayed in the Olympic Village and many people recognized me. If they hadn’t, would they ask me if poker was an Olympic sport? The Olympic Village is like stepping into a completely different world and my two years of being involved with Lithuanian basketball is what brought me here, I’m proud to be Lithuanian.

I had breakfast with Ruta Meilutyte, and it was amazing to sit by a 15-year-old Lithuanian swimming superstar. I bumped into Greeks in East London that wanted to take me on – is there a rumor going around that I’m easy? I declined each attempt because the only reason I was there was for my team, Lithuania’s men’s basketball team.

We played the U.S. team on Saturday. The U.S. didn’t count on all the heart the Lithuanian Basketball team has and it almost cost them.

I went right to Twitter: “i am so proud – great effort – we nearly did it. #Lithuania #heart”

Off the subject of the Olympics, I love the Tony Betties and here they are with a little Cheer Up to keep you in form for the day. Like them on FB.

Start playing and get your seat locked up for the WPT Paris, I’ll see you there!

UPDATE – August 5th, 2012:

I’ve been spending lots of time with Ruta Meilutyte. This little lady is just 15 years old and a Gold medalist. She is an amazing inspiration for all small countries, and people around the world, that anyone can do it. If you have the hart and commitment, you can do it. And she has!

I was on the bench a few days ago when team USA took on the mighty Lithuania. It was so so close, just 5 points in the end, and what a great, great game it was. I am so proud to be part of team Lithuania!

I do plan to get back to poker after this Olympics, although it’s been an amazing time in my life, I know that poker is more for me, I love the game of poker and the spirit of competition that goes with it too. I am very glad I could help my team from Lithuania in any way possible although being the attache for Lithuania has been a lot of work, it’s fun and I am loving it! It’s great to do as many things in life as possible and this is something I would have a hard time describing to anyone that hasn’t been there.

Today I was at the track and field and saw Usain Bolt live; that was worth the effort to get to the ground. As the attache I can go anywhere I like, that is one of the great privileges of being part of the games.

Follow my Twitter and Facebook pages, and come back for more news soon. I’m a poker playing, Lithuanian Basketball Men’s Team attache and I’m loose in London. Try to keep up!

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