Enjoying Britain: From Wembley to Ofxord

It was an amazing weekend in London. The first ISPT event in Wembley was a huge success. All the players got to feel the atmosphere of one of the greatest sports venues in the world. You could still catch some bits of the Champions League final from just a few days ago.

I got busted late in day 3. I really believed in myself and was confident I will go far in this one and send everyone on their bikes! I was doing really good, but at one point I ran into a guy who decided to just go all in against me every time I played. He gave me 3 bad beats in a row and sent me on my bike instead. Still I wish him all the best and hope to play with him again.

That didn’t break my good spirit though, because I make profit from all the bad things that happen to me. I also got to talk to the lovely Laura Cornelius of PokerNews. Check out my interview:

I’m very excited to go to Oxford University today and see what the boys there are maid of. I brought a suit for the occasion and expect to have a really good time there.

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