Goodbye PartyPoker, Hello TONYBET!

The time has come to take a massive step in a new direction. Towards the future of the gambling market. This future is called and I am a part of it.

After a huge three years I have parted ways with my player deal at to follow my own interests – I am no longer sponsored by them to play poker. I want to thank with all my heart the people involved in making that sponsorship a big success – you know who you are.


Tony G Nr. 1

From now on 24 hours per day, 7days a week, 365 days per year my only focus will be This is very exciting. Lots of you know that sports betting is a big passion of mine and we’ll always aim to please you with the best prices.

Everyone is qualified and everyone is a winner at! If the prices aren’t good enough for you give me some talk and tell me why not. Check out and let me know what you think.

We are still very much in the early stages – we have huge plans. Come and beat me – come and take everything I have! I want to bet on the sun coming up in the morning but I have a clever team behind me who are trying to rein me in at the moment. We’ll see how clever they are!

Sports betting is a big part of the offer but that’s not all! Hundreds of nicest and the most beautiful girls have started working as dealers at the healthiest place in the world – live casino! Uhhh, boys and girls, you must try it. The Casino is the best online casino in the world giving away hundreds of thousands of dollars everyday.

We are fully licensed and now is the time for me to start representing the firm in big events. It starts this weekend with the Premier League VI – I am the only player who has played every single edition of the event and I am primed to win. I think it is my year and so does my faithful protector Nordas – we’re on to a winner. Tony G is No.1!

I am looking forward to smashing Hellmuth in the Premier League – I am going to call the clock on him, I will destroy him – I am drooling already – I hope he doesn’t pull out when he knows I am waiting for him with a big knife and fork. I was disturbed to hear that Jungleman is in. Thank God he’s not on TonyBet! No clowns there – I promise you. What the hell is he doing at the moment calling everyone out? Jungleman has turned into tarzan beating his chest! Didn’t we have a staking deal Jungle? What happened with all that – you vanished? Where’s Jane? I was going to put you into the WSOPE high-roller and you were in a hostel? What is going on? You used me and my good nature… global warming has clearly had an effect on the jungle.

As for the others in the event I am ready – I have been honing my skills at Leon’s King Casino in Rozvadov and in Minsk. I am hungry. We are surging forward with!

And that is not all! I have more good news for you all coming in the next few days.

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