Here’s My Xmas present – Open Face Chinese Poker! Take it!

The waiting is over! Today I’m coming to all poker players around the world with the best Xmas gift! I have the biggest thing since the invention of online poker in my hands and I want to share it with all of you!


Tonybet Poker

I’m very proud to be the first one to launch the real money Open Face Chinese Poker online software and give it to all of you as my Christmas present. Over a decade ago I gave you PokerNews – it was a bold move at the time, but it was the right thing to do. Now everyone knows it and soon the entire world will be talking about TonyBet’s Open Face Chinese Poker.

When all my poker mates became crazy about OFCP I couldn’t just sit there and watch them play each other all day long until they were at each others throats. I had to find more opponents for them. That’s when I decided to bring the game out to the masses and give poker pros some fresh meat.

Before leaving PartyPoker for TonyBet I gave my team a challenge – to work hard and prove to me that I made the right choice. Now I know I’ve done right. TonyBet is growing in power every day and for the past few months we’ve been working day and night to bring you the first-ever Open Face Chinese online game.

So this is my gift to the entire poker community – Open Face Chinese Poker! Take your Xmas present – go to, download it and play.

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