I’ve Got the Biggest Bonus!

The majority of poker players like getting a bonus when they join a new poker site or, even better – free cash! And that’s absolutely fair – almost every poker site is giving away bonuses to new players so the ones that don’t have to come up with some other way to draw new customers.

My Open Face Chinese poker site does not give bonuses and I’ll tell you why. From the day we launched the site many players were asking if Tonybet Poker had bonuses and my answer was always the same – the game itself is already a huge bonus. And I believe this with all my big heart.

OFCP is without a doubt the most fun poker game of all – everyone in the poker community will tell you this. However, I also understand that this is not enough for the bonus-hungry poker crowds. So what I did was launch a bunch of SnG and MTT freerolls. Want the bonus? Come and get it!

Everyone on my site can get their free money – all you need to do is prove yourself in battle. Let the best man win and get his free cash!

However, I’m not going to limit myself to just free tournaments – my ambitions are much bigger. A month from today I’m going to host the biggest Open Face Chinese Poker tournament in online poker history! The event will feature a €5,000 guaranteed prize pool and the tickets are €25 a piece.

As of today I’m going to dig out one player with the best OFC hand on my site and every day I will give him a free ticket to the €5K event. For an entire month! That’s €700 worth of free tickets!

Want one? Go to my Tonybet poker site and do your best – get those three aces on top and your free pass to the biggest OFC event!

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