Keeping it up!

OK, so I’ve told you I will personally keep you up to date with all the great stuff that’s going on on my OFC poker site, so here it is. I have a bunch of news to share with you and even more is coming in the next few days!

First off, I can’t help to brag about how great things are going for Tonybet poker. It’s only been two months and we’re counting players by thousands! That’s simply amazing for the site which is still in beta, is not a part of any poker network and, has only Open Face Chinese poker! I had a dream of making an online poker revolution with this and I can already see it coming true.

And the great news is – it’s only a start. We keep working on the site to make it even better and adding new cool features to it. Last week we started SnG freerolls and now we have real money SnGs as well! The buy-ins go from €.050 to €10 – and they’re only gonna go up up up! We also launched shortstack tables so you can play higher limits for half the price!

A lot of you have been asking me when we’ll have an Android app and I’m very excited to announce that it’s finally here! You can download Tonybet Poker from google play and dig into OFC on your phone and tablet.

And last but not least – my site’s first OFCP pro Pedro Marte made this video in which he plays a €5.00 Pineapple cash game session with two other Tonybet poker regulars. Check it out.

I’ll be back with more great stuff on Open Face Chinese real soon!

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