Making a Tony G legacy that extends beyond poker

Some bits and pieces from a recent interview:

Leaning forward as if to shield our conversation from prying ears, his voice drops to whisper. ‘I lost about $10 million because of Black Friday.’ he says, slowly easing back into his chair.

‘I’m still a piece of shit on the tables,’ he tells me. ‘I want to be part of a circus. I can be the clown, if that’s what everyone wants. That’s what I live for. I live for those moments, I live for the TV.’

‘I have a huge mouth and very little ability in the game,’ he adds. ‘I’m probably a bubble player, someone that’s rated much higher than he should be. But I have a lot of passion and a big heart. I love the game when I play. I encourage anyone else to achieve what I’ve achieved.

On top of a controlling interest in PokerNews, he is now head of delegation for Lithuanian Basketball, attaché for the Lithuanian Olympic Committee, involved with life and income protection insurance and has prominent roles in government and charities. There’s even a Tony G holiday resort in his home country, complete with eco-friendly cabins, open-air amphitheatre and assault courses.

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