Monte Carlo – The Super High Roller!

I got rolled out of the €100,000 Super High Roller at the 2012 PokerStars and Monte-Carlo Casino EPT Grand Final. I made it to day 2 and was in 10th place in the chip counts with 442,000. It was a great turn out with over 40 players and some rebuys.

I had K-K dealt to me three hands in a row. Has anyone ever had that happen to them before? I was seeing clearly when I threw them away before the flop.


I had about a half a million in chips when I picked up K-K and open raised before the flop. Patrik Antonius made the call. Justin Bonomo put in a raise from the button to over 40,000. I four bet to 114,000 and after Antonius folded, Bonomo moved all-in for somewhere close to 400,000. I turned up two red kings and folded them. I find myself watching a pair of kings ride a bike down a very steep hill and crashing at the bottom. The bike survives the crash.

The hand that took me out of the tournament was A-Q. Dan Shak raised and I reraised from the small blind. Shak had me covered and held pocket Jacks. The flop was not on my side when it gave me top two pair and Shak a set. The turn even brought one more out, a possible split pot when a 10 hit. But the river paired the wrong card, another 10 fell. I was gone, gone, gone. I went to look for a bike to ride down the hill and run over the broken pieces of kings. There were no bikes!!!

I felt in my heart that Bonomo had A-A. It’s hard and painful but it is life and it’s easy to think what may have been but I have to go with how I felt at the time. I hope to find out what he had.

Maybe players feel it takes guts to make big calls but I also think it takes ‘huge hart’ to make huge lay downs. I feel that my game needs improving and I hope in the future I will have a lot more time to just focus on poker and play the very best players. I really enjoyed the event.

Now I’m on a break for a few days. I just landed in Frankfurt and I’m on my way to Vilnius where I have a few meetings. Over the weekend I will be looking to hit the big game in Minsk, Belarus. There are big cash games over there right now.

In early May I plan on being in Prague to play at the Kings Casino. There are plans for a streaming live cash game, plus they are doing a 25K high roller there too on the 7th of May.

Then I’ll be in Las Vegas in time for Bellagio’s 100K and the 25K.

Aside from poker I’m launching Tony Betties – I’m looking for talent and we’ll have auditions at the Tony Resort – watch the official video:

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Sitting in Frankfurt waiting for K-K…

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