My first ever WSOP penalty

I just made the money at WSOPE and won the $100k bet vs James Bord! Watch the video below.

I also got my first ever WSOP penalty! This is how PokerNews saw it:

Tony G gave out a big cheer and pumped his fist as he knew his full house was the winner and he would double up. The dealer had other things in mind though.

The dealer quickly swiped Tony G’s hand, not seeing his full house and only seeing Boujenah’s spade flush. Right when the dealer did this, Tony G began yelling at the dealer about incorrectly killing his hand.

One of the things he said was, “How can you be so stupid?” as he was clearly upset the dealer almost cost him the pot because he was was now buried in the muck and only Boujenah’s hand was on the table. Everyone else at the table made sure to pipe up and tell Tony G they all saw it and that it was fine, he’d win the hand.

The floor came over and checked in on the situation. Because of what Tony G said and his rant, he earned himself a one-hand penalty.

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