Not Just OFC anymore: Rake-Free Hold’em & Omaha at Tonybet Poker

It’s that time of the year again – the second live OFC Championship is taking place on December 6th to 9th in Prague, and there’s really no better way to celebrate than by introducing more poker to the site. Hold’em and Omaha aren’t popular for nothing, but what is the one thing that could make them even more exciting to play?

Well, them being rake free would do the trick – and that‘s exactly what Tonybet Poker is offering. While everything did begin with the Open Face Chinese Poker and its first-ever live tournament, such expansion was the only logical next step – and this time, Tonybet is going to trust the time-tested classics.

Both Hold’em and Omaha were introduced to the Tonybet Poker online client, starting off with cash games, although SnGs and MTTs are to follow shortly. Hold’em and Omaha are pretty much the most popular types of poker in the world, and in order to provide the players with the best experience possible playing these thrilling games, each table is going to be limited to six people max.

Since the new games were only introduced very recently, they are currently available in micro stakes, where the blinds are starting at €0.01/€0.02 to €0.25/€0.50. It’s not going to stop here, either – Sit and Go as well as multi-table tournaments are going to be added soon which will make the Tonybet poker room that more fun.

Meanwhile the OFC fans have the upcoming Championship to look forward – and it looks like it may be even grander than it was the last year – and make sure to check out the #fantasyland hashtag on the social networks to be the first to know everything that’s happening and maybe you will share something using it, too.

It’s going to be hot in Prague on December 6th to 9th – the OFC World Championship will include a €350 Progressive Pineapple event this year as well as the €10,000 High Roller and the €1,000 Main Event, and, of course, the Last Minute Satellite! The Championship is becoming a tradition, and it’s guaranteed to attract a proper good crowd of seasoned pros and talented amateurs alike.

As the Tonybet Poker is rapidly expanding, it‘s a really good time to check out its online poker platform. OFC poker already became a favourite amongst many enthusiasts, and the introduction of the well-known Hold‘em and Omaha is sure to bring something to the table for many more players. Join in the fun, cause there‘s plenty of that to be had over there!

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