NZ and The Sunday Bike Ride

I am in back in NZ with Lee Nelson. I am staying at his retreat, Split Apple Retreat, and working on my health. The new thing I’ve started in my life is Yoga which has been difficult but is also very rewarding. On most days I am able to walk over 10 miles – that means I have more energy to go for bike rides but do not worry friends, I will send you on them when you play against me.

In general, things are really quiet for me right now, it’s a time of peace and rejuvenating the spirit. I have a far reaching goal of optimal health for The G. On a shorter scale, I want to get really fit and strong by January.

I have been invited to High Stakes Poker but it’s such a long way to go I am uncertain as of right now. I’m also considering the trip to the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, but again, the distance from Melbourne is like 27 hours to get there and those flights take a lot out of you. I feel like I’ve made it in poker so the fun part is the key for me, (that should give all of you mean spirited people that don’t share my view of poker something to jump on). Flying all those hours and returning isn’t part of the fun I enjoy. When I fly to Las Vegas, I like to stay a few weeks and enjoy the place which gives me recuperation time before the flight back.

Right now I am completely focused on playing at the Party Poker Sunday Bike Ride – I will be playing there today. Do come and enjoy the game and your bike ride home, I will do my best to send you out.

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