On the Poker Brat, Ralph Perry and much more

Listen to my interview with PokerStrategy.com and some quotes below:

On the Poker Brat: “Phil Hellmuth think he’s a superstar player, the best player in the world, and he thinks he’s a great cash game player at the same time. He just thinks he’s unlucky, everyone else plays bad around him, and he’s a genius.”

On his televised altercation with Ralph Perry: “I think I made Ralph famous – Ralph never made himself famous with his game or his performance after. He should have left the table much quicker than he did, hanging around there was terrible. I don’t know what he was hanging around for, he just played the hand horribly and it was in the final. He should have just got on his bike and left. Quickly.”

On his own strengths at the table: “I can read the game pretty well. I think I can lay down some hands that other players couldn’t who are technically better than me. I don’t really study the game technically like everyone else to be perfect – a German robot.”

On the highest cash game he’s ever played: “It’s difficult to say because sometimes the games increase. If they start in Russia, for example, at $1K/$2K PLO, they could slip up to $5K/$10K and maybe even $10K/$20K for a few hands – US Dollars. They can get big; we also had a rule of unlimited straddles. I remember one guy would always do a $100K Straddle, even if we were playing $1K/$2K.”

On the future of the online poker market: “Unless the US opens, I think online poker will struggle from here. If the US opens, it can get massive.”

On if he’ll ever quit: “I would probably only quit for health reasons… or if I owe someone a lot of money and I don’t want to show my face.”

Full interview: Interview with Tony G [Audio]

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