One game leads to another

My last three-day trip to Kings Club, the best casino in Europe, has popped into my thoughts in sketches and replays. I wanted to add something to my last blog post just to keep the juices flowing and keep the fire to compete at the table burning hot in my own mind. Poker is like any other sport, take a long break and you get rusty, get rusty and you get busted, and I refuse to go there.

While playing heads-up in 2K-4K Euro on the first day at Kings Club, I closed out the session with a loss of 500K. That was also the beginning of the 10K High Roller Rebuy event where I got so tired I just walked away on day 2 and blinded out. More on that here. I get so bored, sometimes I should just stake people to these events and then cheer them on to a win instead of putting myself through grinding a tournament. The winner of the High Roller took it down for the third time in a row and picked up another 155K – it’s the best value 10K event in the world with more fish than the Baltic Sea.

I didn’t even show up for day 2 of the 10K High Roller Rebuy event and just let my average stack get blinded off. Day 2 was also Valentines Day and my big heart and all the commitment in the world told me to take a day off, rest up, spend time with my GF, and just ignore the 20K Euro that I burned through in the High Roller, so I did. I’m not promoting walking away from a tournament and letting my investment fly out the window, but when I’m burned out, I can’t get there mentally and my game has no fire in it then.

On my last day at Kings Club I jumped back in the game with Leon. I was down another 1M almost before my butt hit the chair – that’s how it felt anyway. I got the stakes jacked up to 5K-10K and the game was crazy. The last few minutes of the game ran out like a scene in a movie. I was down 1.5M total and with the driver waiting to take me to the airport, I had 20 minutes to make or break myself with cards and chips flying through the air.

In the final hand I held A-A and we got it all in pre flop for a 1.85M pot. It was a sick comeback. I ended up 300K winner for the trip.

Leon went to his lake for a cold plunge to prepare for my next trip.

I’ll be back at Kings Club on the 25th of February and plan on playing in the German High Roller on the 26th.

Keep swimming Leon, I’ll be back.

Then I’m off to play in the PartyPoker Premier League in London on the 16th of March. Stop by if you’re in town, it’s going to be fun.

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