PokerTube and Tony G

Tony is in Istanbul doing an interview with PokerTube. He talks about his passion – basketball and the Lithuanian Team. He’s very excited about all of it and helped make it happen. He talks about his betting site, TonyBet, and how he diversifies his time with all of the tasks he undertakes each day. He’s very thankful for where he is and how he keeps moving forward – complimenting the team behind him and the job they do.

They talk about poker, the World Poker Tour and Tony’s sponsor Party Poker. Tony loves poker and is always happy to discuss the game. He felt that he played well during the High Roller Event and got lucky when it went to three-handed. He said it was probably because of the super aggressive style he turned on during three-handed. The subject moved to the Big Game by PokerStars and Tony feels PokerStars has hit on a fantastic idea with the loose cannon and he is happy to be part of it.

The next subject is health and staying well, weight loss, and what he wants to accomplish with his lifestyle and incorporate into a complete health routine that fits him and he can live with. He speaks of his friend Lee Nelson and going to Lee’s health retreat when he returns to New Zealand.

The subject of the Russian games and a high roller tournament in Monte Carlo come up. The high roller tournament in Monte Carlo gets more discussion. The tournament is looking at running with 48 players and a $250,000 buy-in – the tournament was cancelled last year. Tony is a little leery because there is no real casino and some of the details need to be more concrete.

Ralph Perry comes up next in the conversation. Tony thinks he’s a nasty sort of poker player but as Tony says, “That’s just my opinion.” Tony refers to ‘German shipyards.’ He dubs the player that sits on the sidelines and just waits and waits for loose or live player to sit but the German Sheppard gives nothing to the game. Tony feels that players need to make the game fun and more enjoyable. *Warning* He’s coming after the German shipyards. He says that in the hand with Ralph Perry that everyone remembers and talks about, “first you have to win, and then you can make the show!” He has a ‘Tony G Qualification’ set up for certain players, Phil Hellmuth pre-qualifies.

They talk about Tony running a race where his opponent had to run backwards in Australia. Watch the video, it’s funny.

They go back to the USA and Lithuanian…Tony is ready!

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