Prague and the $25K High Roller

Today will find me leaving Lithuania for Prague. I’m on my way to the Kings Casino to play the $25K High Roller. There are plans for a streaming live cash game and that is one of my favorites in poker.

I returned to Lithuania recently from Minsk, Belarus and the big game I’ve been playing. The game is indescribable really; the chips are rolling across the floor, up the walls and across the ceiling, and just waiting to be scooped up. The pots in PLO are so big you need pole vaulting skills to get over them and a bulldozer to scrape them into your stack.

I love poker!!! It seems like the biggest games in the world are in Minsk right now. It’s really a very incredible place, very fun, as well as very safe. The night life is some of the best in the world and great night clubs put it all together. And when I’m not in a poker game, I am the night life. It is never too late to stop doing everything and PARTY! Find me if you want to do it right.

When I was in Minsk, I stayed at the Hotel Europa. And when I checked in, I saw Andy Beal’s Ferrari with Florida plates. It’s very nice to see Andy in Minsk nowadays.

Prague and poker, I’m on my way!

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