Take My Free Money – Play OFC Poker!

I promised you OFC tournaments and I have kept my end of the bargain – now it’s your turn to go and play! Event better – I have made them absolutely free!

My Open Face Chinese Poker site at TonyBet now has SnG freerolls running 24/7 and I have personally made sure we have a bunch of cash to give away to our players.

Now the prize pool is €5,000, but if this goes into players’ accounts fast enough – I’ll put even more money on the table. I have plenty of cash in my pockets and I want you to take it all!

We’ve launched the freerolls just a few days ago and people literally went crazy about it – everyone wants a piece of free cash while having fun playing Open Face Chinese – it’s a total win-win-win for everyone.

Look – even Kristy has decided to take a shot at online OFC and loved it!

I honestly couldn’t be more proud – the site’s amazing and I’m enjoying every second I spend playing Open Face Chinese on it. More new great stuff will come real soon – we’re about to launch real money SnG’s and I’m really looking forward to it!

You want some of my free cash? It’s right there at Tonybet Poker – just go and take it!

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