TonyBet Poker Introduces a New OFC Game – Progressive Pineapple

TonyBet Poker keeps pampering its players with new games as the online poker site solely dedicated to Open Face Chinese released a new game this week, Progressive Pineapple. This follows the site’s strategy of expanding its OFC gaming supply as just a few weeks ago they have launched another new game, Pineapple 2-7.

“Open Face Chinese is a unique poker game in the sense that there are plenty of ways of enhancing it by implementing new variations. The recent introduction of Pineapple 2-7 was a huge success – players just loved it and very soon it became the most popular game at our cash game tables. Last week we have also made it available for SnG and multi-table tournaments,” a TonyBet Poker spokesperson said in an interview.

The main difference between Progressive Pineapple and the OFC hit Pineapple game is that the players receive more cards when they’re in Fantasy Land, if they advance with a higher top card combination. Depending on the strength of the player’s top hand, they might get from the regular 14 cards up to whooping 17 Fantasy Land cards.


“We found that Progressive Pineapple is actually very popular in live OFC games across the casinos in Europe and decided to make it available for our online players as well. The idea behind this game variation is to allow players collect even more points, as aiming for higher hands on top and receiving more Fantasy Land cards results in the chance of potentially collecting more points. Right now we’re going to offer low limit cash games from €0.02 to €10 per point and then introduce higher limits in the future,” the representative said.

They have also revealed that the site is working on even more new games as well as some huge promotions. “Last spring we had a hit OFC online poker series, the OFC Opener during which we gave away €30,000 in guaranteed cash prizes, and this year we’re going to run an even bigger event. Our goal is to become the leader in online poker innovations and constantly launching new OFC games and running unique promotions is exactly how we’re going towards achieving this goal.”

TonyBet Poker also hosted the first-ever OFC Poker World Championship during the Prague Poker Festival back in December. The site representative revealed that they’re also planning on running even more live OFC events across Europe this year.

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