$10k Pot Limit Omaha – End of Day one

Well, its 2am, its all over. Ended up with 13,000. Kind of an uneventful session, no one was making any moves. Erick Lindgren “E-Dogâ€? is playing great. Really nice guy, as well. I really do admire him Probably the best guy Full Tilt got, along with Phil Ivey. It was good fun. We’re back in […]

$10K Pot Limit Omaha 12:56am update

End of level five, and I finally made some progress. A few pots here, and there, and I’m up about 14,000, which feels pretty good. I had some tough hands, some close calls. This is a really nice table, really friendly. Mike Sexton, who can just enjoy life now is really great, and its just […]

$10k Omaha Pot Limit – 10:51 update

End of level 4, we have played for 6 hours. I’ve got the same chips as level three, 8,000 just about. Last hand of that level I had 9 10 6 Q, with 9 10 of hearts. The board read 8 J Q of hearts. On the river I checked, there was a bet, Mike […]

$10k Omaha – 9:37pm update

End of level 3 now. During level three, I ran into a huge hand – Aces, double suited under the gun. I played a very big pot with Men the Master, where I had him dominated, and we got all the money in before the flop, and he rivered me, and won the pot. This […]

$10 K Omaha update.

We are at the second break of the $10k Omaha Pot Limit. I have $10,950, and we started with 10,000. I am at a really cool table with Erick Lindgren, Men Nguyen, and Mike Sexton. Having a lot of fun today. Playing a lot of hands. I was up to 13,000, then down to 9,000 […]

Cardplayer Interview

Cardplayer.com just interviewed me, and you can see it here. http://www.cardplayer.com/poker_videos/