Barcelona 2000 Mile Drive

I decided to take a drive to Barcelona from Vilnius and take all of my family with me. I do miss not being around my kids when I travel, my brother and his wife also came a long for the ride.

This was a very long, long trip and my two daughters – 3 and 6 – had enough after about 100 miles. Anyhow they settled down and it was OK. We went via Poland, Austria, Italy, France, 2,000 miles and 30 hours later we made it. The heads-up was meant to start Friday about 6.30 pm; I called the organizer Jon Shorman to say that I would be a little late and he said he would do his best. Fair enough. So I rush to try to get to the casino (wish I knew he was keeping me as a reserve) just before I reach Barcelona, he calls me and says “Don’t worry about it, Tony, leave it this time, come next year, I already got 64 players to play.”

I guess I do not make TV interesting enough for the World Heads UP.
Anyhow I will never ever play in any of his events again.

So I am on the Spanish coast relaxing for a few days before the EPT Barcelona (European Poker Tour) event which I will play and then I am off to the UK. I will be playing online at Poker Champs and there are 2 decent $5000 free rolls with bounties on me just follow this link if you want to join them, you just need to deposit $20 to join either free roll, huge value as I think that only about 100 players will play in both of them.

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