Top 10 Most Memorable Tony G Poker Games of All Time

Tony G – as in Antanas “Tony G” Guoga, the famous and the most entertaining poker player. Tony G is known for his eccentric personality, loudness, and showmanship, but most of all, for his aggressive style that led to many memorable Tony G hands during poker games. Scroll through the titles to see the top ten Tony G poker games.

Top 10 Most Memorable Tony G Poker Games of All Time

The Great Tony G Win – European Poker Championships in London

In August 2005, the European Poker Championship ended with Tony G winning. The tournament took place in London’s well-known Victoria Casino. After seven days of battle, Tony G won nearly $428,300.


The Battle of the Giants – PokerStars Big Game

In the PokerStars Big Game 2018 season, the newcomer Loose Cannon played a game with Daniel Negreanu, Doyle Brunson, Phil Laak, Phil Hellmuth, and Tony G. In one hand after the turn, Tony G went all in in the dark against Doyle Brunson and won. Needless to say, the talk around the table preceding and after the showdown was more than interesting.

Top 10 Most Memorable Tony G Poker Games of All Time

Source: YouTube screenshot PokerStars

Especially when Tony G said to Phil Hellmuth he would clean him out. Hellmuth, casually leaning in his chair, exclaimed, “I am going to bust you; don’t worry.” There is love and hate in their rivalry, and in the end, Hellmuth calls him the most dangerous player.

Everlasting Rivalry – Beating Phil Hellmuth in PokerStars

During the same season, Hellmuth’s and Tony G’s rivalry intensified, drawing a comment from Phil Laak “I love you guys. I love shows featuring Tony G and Phil.” Hellmuth has been waiting for a chance to beat Tony G, and on the one hand, with a pot of $108,000, Hellmuth went all-in with a pair of nines against Tony’s Ace and King. On the other hand, however, after a turn and flop, which showed Jack, three, and a couple of fives, the river brought “Ace from space,” as he said during one of the most memorable Tony G poker games, and beat Hellmuth once again.


Finding Isildur1 and Being Defeated – SuperStar Showdown

It’s a known fact that years ago, Tony G was on a mission to find Isildur1 in the online poker rooms and play against him. Finally, his wish came true in 2011 when he weighed forces with Viktor Blomon, the virtual face of the PokerStars SuperStar Showdown.


In the beginning, Tony G led by winning $23,850 after 207 hands. So naturally, even online, his comments were needling the rival. Some of the messages in the chatroom included:

you feeling ok, my man? You’re getting owned by a total donk old man.” And, of course, the inevitable Tony G line: “are you COMMITTED to this?”


After a string of talk, the Swedish high-stakes player picked up the pace and cut the difference between his opponent in half. Then, by the 207 hands, Isildur1 broke through in the Black with $44,820. In the end, Tony G admitted his defeat by saying that Isildur1 is a “real star,” along with congratulations.


The Tony G Pressure – PokerStars

In one of the PokerStars Big Game, Tony G commented on Andrew Robl, who took time to think over his hand. After a few seconds of waiting, Tony G blew up, asking to call the clock on Robl. Even if he had a legitimate right to think through his following action. Robl lost the hand against Tony G’s five and three. Many wonder if this was Tony G’s strategy to tilt Robl to call or if the young player was tilting him. We all know the truth.

Top 10 Most Memorable Tony G Poker Games of All Time

Source: YouTube screenshot PokerStars

Showdown for the Biggest Pot – PokerStars Big Game

At the PokerStars Big Game, two players are left after the flop Daniel Negreanu and Tony G. As he was looking somewhat bored, Tony G sprang to his old self when Negreanu commented he must have kings. Daniel Negreanu had an ace and ten, and Tony G had a pair of eights. Tony G was goading Negreanu to tell his cards, and naturally, he was misleading Tony into believing he had a pair. If Tony G won, he would have a $600,000 profit. However, Negreanu beat him to it.

Top 10 Most Memorable Tony G Poker Games of All Time

Source: YouTube screenshot PokerStars

Still Have a Bike to Give You – Merit Casino Super High Roller Bowl Series

During another European championship of high rollers in 2022, Tony G joined a table with younger players. Through the rounds, Tony won with the pair and a straight. Many players commented that he can still dish out bikes. Tony G came out first, winning $257,500 after Guoga and his opponent Alex Peffly settled the deal. Peffly won second place with a sum lower than $10,000 than Tony’s.

Top 10 Most Memorable Tony G Poker Games of All Time

Source: YouTube video screenshot PokerGO

Memorable Hands with Tom Dwan – Party Poker Premier League

Tom Dwan had some intense hands to share. But, according to the presenters of Party Poker Premier League, both have no reason to raise that high. In the end, Tony G won with a pair quietly. During each hand with Tom Dwan, Tony G stays silent, and many players guess he has the highest respect for the young player.

Top 10 Most Memorable Tony G Poker Games of All Time

Source: YouTube screenshot Poker Express

When you Get Pocket Aces

During another Party Poker Premier League event, Tony G got the rocket aces, a dream come true. He went all in pre-flop. Rob Yong called with a pair of queens, and the only one left indecisive was Adeniya, with ace and king. Tony G naturally needled him to call, asking for a clock. The pot was now a little over $76,259. After the river, this was one of the best Tony G poker games. He won the hand, exclaiming, “Only Tony G can do this,” followed by, “give me a refill.”

Monster Pot – Big Game in Germany

During the Pot limit Omaha game with high stakes players such as Isildur and England’s best Rob Yong, the two had a showdown with an all-in and a pot of nearly $500,000. In the end, Tony G won the massive pool with two pairs of nines and eights against Yong’s pair of aces. Tony G smugly said, “date with an eight.”


The popularity of PokerStars’ Tony G is undeniable. His wit and charisma are displayed every time he goes on a winning streak at the tables. The show featuring Tony G and Phil Hellmuth has its place in poker history. Meanwhile, Tony G. may be pointing toward online tournaments in the future. But first, he awaits the chance for another showdown with Hellmuth.


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